Breast Augmentation Northern Virginia Procedures


Information on Breast Augmentation In Northern Virginia?


Breast augmentation in northern virginia is done now in ways that highlight the natural healthy appearance and lessen the “done” look. Small busts can be enlarged with saline or silicone breast augmentation put under the chest muscle to create good cleavage and provide it a natural, attractive look and feel.

The secret to attaining a natural appearance is by carefully choosing the best size implant, correct type of implant, location of breastbreast augmentation northern virginia augmentation, incision, and appropriate implant positioning. We will assist you in dealing with your concerns involving breast augmentation.

We know that every patient is unique, and because of that, we have a wide variety of options from the types of implant, to the position of scar to different sizes, to individualize the treatment to our patient’s desires. Seldom are female breasts are even, or symmetrical.

A very common situation that women would prefer not to talk about is breast asymmetry. Often a breast enhancement is done on one breast and a breast enhancement and lift, or a breast lift alone, or even a breast reduction is performed on the opposite breast concurrently. The treatment plan is set during the examination. The choice of implant size an be a difficult choice for someone opting to have breast augmentation done but our doctor will assist you on that.

Breast Augmentation in Virginia can be simplified and made trouble-free. In the preliminary consultation, client is asked to position the chosen silicone in her bra and use a t-shirt that would expose her shape plainly. The patient gets to try on various size implants up until she finds the size she wishes. We provide our clients the option to attempt sizes once again on the 2nd consultation if needed.

One of the most efficient methods of reducing frustration with breast size post operatively is to use pictures in the pre-op conversation. These images provide the patient and the cosmetic surgeon a common point of visual reference from which to start the conversation about size.

Big implants can be uncomfortable and aesthetically unpleasant creating a greater opportunity of troubles and problems in the long run. Alternatively, if you choose a size that is too small, then you might return requesting a larger implants. For that reason we motivate our patients to choose implants in the variety of 150-400 cc’s, with exceptions in certain circumstances. In a vast majority of patients, their decision on size selection turns out to be ideal!

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